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Our Ideal Detox program is a full-body detoxification, drainage, and physiological regulation program designed to optimize all major organ functions and systems related to cleaning and detoxifying the body.

All six components work together to restore optimal functionality to all major body systems to quickly clear and clean the body. Other products provide drainage or detoxification to only specific organ systems (for example, a “liver detox”), but our formulas work together to open essential pathways throughout the whole body. The difference with our Ideal Comprehensive Detoxification program is that it recognizes the interdependence of all the organ systems involved. Our six part system acknowledges the crucial interaction of brain, spine, and interstitial matrix in total body communication and directly supports the digestive, renal, and lymphatic systems—the main systems involved in toxin elimination.

Why Is Detox Important?

We can’t avoid toxins. We breathe them in, absorb them through our skin, and consume them in the foods we eat. We even generate toxins as natural byproducts of our body’s own metabolism. Though the human body comes equipped with a sophisticated detoxification system designed to neutralize and expel toxins, the accumulation of toxins throughout the body significantly impairs and overwhelms natural elimination processes. Switching to a “cleaner” diet or using nutritional remedies may not remove all the blockages that have developed over time. DesBio’s program is designed to address these blockages and help restore the natural elimination systems to optimal functionality.

Why Is Our Homeopathic Whole Body Detox Better?

Our Comprehensive Detox Program is carefully designed to allow healing ingredients and treatments to enter the body’s cells to provide relief and rejuvenation. It supports the body in waking up organ systems, healing internal damage, and getting back its natural detoxification abilities. A major advantage of our comprehensive homeopathic approach is that our remedies address drainage and meridian balancing simultaneously with detoxification. Nutritional detox and classical homeopathic approaches can result in patients experiencing a “healing crisis” as they begin activating and eliminating harbored toxins. Even mildly toxic patients will often feel mental fog, fatigue, or even flu-like symptoms as toxins begin to filter through their elimination systems. Our complex remedies aim to address this by including drainage remedies that facilitate efficient elimination of toxins, resulting in greater comfort for the patient. Clearing the body’s essential pathways maximizes the healing effects of any type of therapeutic treatment, whether homeopathy, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, enzymes, or nutritionals. With the brain, nerves, organs, and cellular membranes open and receptive, the whole body is ready to efficiently process and effectively use the healing treatment provided. Without unblocking and preparing these essential pathways, treatment of any kind is compromised and could be a waste of time and money.

Who Needs A Detox Program?

Ideally, everyone would follow a detox protocol. For certain patients, detox is critical:

  • Those with chronic illnesses and/or major medical issues
  • Those with allergies
  • Patients with autoimmune disorders (lupus, fibromyalgia, MS, etc.)
  • Anyone recovering from a serious illness or surgery
  • Anyone on a calorie-restricted diet

How Do I Do It?

The protocol is simple!  There is no fasting or terrible tasting shakes to drink!  Just add the drops (no taste) to your water and drink throught the day!

The Ideal Whole-Body Approach to Detox

Ideal Whole Body Detox NapervilleBalance the Brain—Cerebromax The brain is the central processing center of the body, and its functions are critical to all body systems. When neurotransmitters are unbalanced, the brain experiences symptoms such as depression, chemical imbalances, memory disorders, sleep problems, and stress. Bringing the neurotransmitters into balance helps relieve these symptoms and provides a smooth flow of nerve impulses, necessary to each body system’s healthy function. Freeing this system allows better treatment of mental health-related problems, such as depression, and issues with mental focus and memory.

Optimize the Spine—Spinalmax The spine is the body’s communication highway, carrying nerve impulses to muscles that perform bodily functions. When this highway is blocked, the movement and flow of information to the rest of the body is obstructed. A blocked spinal pathway leads to pain, anxiety, and nervousness and prevents the body from benefiting fully from chiropractic or massage treatments.

Clear the Matrix—Matrix Support The interstitial matrix is the miniscule space between cells in our bodies. This space is filled with a gel-like substance that regulates what goes in and out of cells. When this intercellular space becomes filled with toxins or other waste material, it becomes difficult for nutrients and other beneficial substances to move into cells. Clearing this space of toxins helps every cell in the body function at maximum efficiency.

Cleanse the Liver & GI—Detox I The digestive system provides fuel to the body and all its systems. However, along with food, we take in many toxins that clog the liver and GI tract. When the toxins don’t drain from the digestive system, symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, and fatigue occur. Detoxifying the digestive system allows the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and intestines to function optimally, ensuring that the body’s metabolism provides energy to all body systems. Any treatment for GI problems will be better received when these pathways are open.

Purify the Kidneys & Urinary Tract—Detox II The urinary system eliminates wastes from the body. When this system is blocked, symptoms such as fluid retention, swelling, back pain, and urinary frequency, urgency, and burning occur. Cleansing this system improves drainage to the entire body, increasing the waste elimination function and detoxifying the kidneys.

Drain the Lymphatic System—Detox III The lymphatic system creates immune cells to bolster the body’s defenses and ability to resist disease and toxins. When this system is out of balance, the body’s resistance becomes low, allowing viruses, bacteria, and other undesirable elements to infect body tissues. Draining and opening the lymphatic system keeps white blood cells active, battling disease and filtering toxins, and allows lymph fluid to flow effectively through the body.

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