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Ideal Weight Loss Offers Advanced Body Sculpting Services and Programs at our State of the Art Naperville LIPO Spa!

Our Breakthrough Body Shaping Treatments can help you permanently get rid of unwanted fat packets and cellulite that are resistant to diet and exercise.  We also offer treatments like Venus Freeze & Microcurrent that help tighten, firm and tone the skin.  Call us today for a FREE consultation to find out which treatments are best for you.

Learn more about our Breakthrough LIPO Spa Treatments!

UltraShape UltraShape is the most advanced treatment for permanent fat reduction!  It is painless, has zero downtime, and best of all results can be see much faster than with other treatments!  A series of three, 45 minute sessions spaced two weeks apart are recommended with results seen is as little as 2 weeks.  Lose 1-2 sizes with a Series of UltraShape!

Venus Freeze & Venus Legacy - Venus Freeze & Venus Legacy Legacy are breakthrough treatments forreducing stubborn fat,  tightening skin, reducing stretch marks, and smoothing cellulite.  It can also help reduce the size of the fat cell for circumferential reduction.  Venus Freeze uses patented mp2 technology that combines radio frequency and magnetic pulses.  Venus Freeze is a comfortable way to heat the skin.  Many other skin tightening treatments are painful but Venus Freeze yields great results withou the pain.  Many describe the treatment as feeling like a comfortable hot stone massage.

Lipomassage LipoMassage is a specialized massage technique using patented 3D suction massage technology to stimulate lipolysis or the breakdown of fat cells.  This treatment is also used to help tight muscles and break up adhesions.  This treatment is a general full body wellness treatment that feels great and helps to polish the soft tissue in the body.

LipoLaser  LipoLaser ustilizes cold laser technology to help reduce stubborn pickets of fat!  This technology halpe stimulate you body to release fat from almost any part of your body that are resistant to diet and exercise.  Clients Lose between 1/2-2 inches per session.  

Bioslimming Body Wrap The Bioslimming Body Wrap is our strongest, most effective and most popular slimming and smoothing body wrap!  It only take about 45 mins and doesnt require you to be in the spa all day!  The Scientifically Formulated products help to reduce fat, smooth cellilite and tighten skin.  These are a great complemen to our Venus Legacy and LipoLaser treatments!

Body Contour Wrap  Our detoxifying Herbal Body wrap can help you lose 4-14 inches in one session.  This is like no other body wrap you have tried.  This is not to be confused with a dehydrating mineral body wrap.  This contour wrap helps to stimulate lymphatic drainage and circulation and can help tighten and firm skin, remove excess fluid from tissues, and smooth cellulite.

Infrared Body Wrap Our Infrared Body Wrap utilizes Formostar Infrared technology that is wraped around all of your trouble spots, upper thighs, bottocks, abdomen, and upper arms.  You burn lots of calories and detoxify.  The treatment also helps to get circulation to your trouble spots to also increase local  metabolism.

CAVI Lipo CAVI Lipo is a great treatment that can help break down stubborn pockets of fat and can treat many different areas of the body.  CAVI Lipo utilizes Ultrasound Cavitation technology to crack the fat cell so that it releases its contents to be metabolized and excreted.  Great for reducing Belly fat & Love Handles!

Whole Body Vibration  Tighten and Tone Muscles with a supercharged workout on our Power Plates.  Whole Body Vibration has become a popular workout in the last few years and has many benefits.  We always encourage our clients to spend 5 - 10 minutes on the powerplate after a session to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage.  

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Call us today to find out if our LIPO Spa Treatments can help you.  We over many different advanced Body Shaping Treatments to offer a customized treatment program.

Remember...these treatments are NOT magic.  If you are overweight and have a few pounds to lose, then you must change your diet and have a healthy lifestyle.  These treatments are designed to complement a healthy lifestyle and will never take the palce of diet and exercise.



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