Bioslimming Body Wrap

Revolutionary BioSlimming Body Wrap Available in Naperville 

Naperville Bioslimming Body Wrap

Our Bioslimming Body Wrap is a Revolutionary Breakthrough In Body Wrap Technology! It's The Best Slimming Wrap Around!

Detox, Slim, and tone with the Bioslimming Body Wrap scientifically formulated to produce exceptional results from the first treatment!  

In clinical Trials the Bioslimming Body Wrap has been shown to dramatically decrease the appearance of fatty deposits and cellulite by 67% in less than 4 weeks.  Unlike traditional Body Wraps, you don't have to be wrapped in bandages or on a compression mummy type wrap.  These wraps can be uncomfortable and require you to spend hours in the spa.  You can get a Bioslimming Wrap in about 45 minutes and even continue to receive the benefits for 12 hours!!  The results from the Bioslimming wrap come from the active ingredients of the Bioslimming formulas and doesn't require you to spend all day at the spa.   The ingredients are even massaged into trouble spots with an envigorating massage to enhance lymphatic drainage and break down of fatty tissue so the treatment is relaxing and pleasant!  

Although Results can be seen after one wrap, a series of wraps and a take home kit are recommended for optimal results!  We also offer the The Bioslimming Formulas in a Special Take home kit to enhance the benefits of the wrap every day!

Bioslimming Body Wrap Benefits

There are so many benefits to this treatment.

  • Average loss of 1-4 cm per measured area
  • Reduction in apperance of cellulite and fat deposits
  • Detoxes, Slims, and Tones
  • Skin Feels Softer
  • Reduction in Appearance of Varicose & SPider Veins
  • Reduction in Fluid Retention - especially lower legs
  • Helps burn calories for two hours
  • The Slimming and Fat Burning Process continues to work for 12 hours
  • Instant and Long Lasting Results
Start your Bioslimming wrap program today!  Bioslimming wraps also wonrk great with our other body contouring treatments like Venus Legacy, Cavi Lipo and LipoLaser.  They can enhance the results and help increase cellular metabolism so you get the most out of your Body Contouring program.

Scientifically Formulated Body Wrap is Strongest Clinical  Wrap Available For Fastest Results! Paraben FREE

The Bioslimming Body Wrap is one of the strongest professional wraps available.  It is packed full of essential oils, plant and algae extracts, and caffeine resulting in a wide range of additional therapeutic benefits which include improving the appearance of varicose veins and stretch marks.
Bioslimming uniquely uses both hot and cold thermo agents and the resulting heat and active ingredients stimulate the draw of fluids into the capillaries, the absorption of fatty acids and subsequent transport of fat.  The thermo agents stimulate lymphatic drainage and fat burning resulting in a reduction of the orange peel appearance of fat!
98% of women saw dramatic improvement of the "orange peel" appearance or cellulite in just two weks!!!  100% of women observed a decrease around their waist!

Details About The BioSlimming Wrap

  1. Please Wear a two piece swimsuit for wrap
  2. Your appointment will last approximately 45 minutes!  The treatment consists of Massaging the 3 Different Bioslimming Formulations in to the target tissues and covering with biofilm.  You will relax for 30 minutes while the formulas are absorbed in to the skin.  The bio film is removed and then we will massage the final Formula into the problem areas!
  3. It is advised to leave the formulas on for up to 8-12 hours!  They will contnue to work their magic!  People with sensitive skin should remove after 4 hours!
  4. Contraindications to wrap are pregnancy, breastfeeding, active cancer, recent heart attack, under a doctors care for a major health condition or known allergies to essential oils or seaweed!
  5. A 5-10 min session on our Power Plate whole body vibration device is included after your Bioslimming Wrap!  The Power Plate helps to tone muscles, burn calories and increase Lymphatic Drainage enhancing the results of your Bioslimming Wrap!
  6. A series of wraps is recommmended for optiomal results.  If used alone 2-3 wraps can be done per week for a series of 3-10 treatments. Bioslimming wraps can also be combined with our other body treatment for a synergistic effect!

See Our Bioslimming Body Wrap Specials Here!

Bioslimming Take Home Trio! Body Contouring Results at Home!

Naperville Bioslimming Body Wrap for Cellulite and Inch Loss

Bioslimming Formulas Help Reduce Cellulite, Stimulate Fat Burning & Reduce Stretch Marks.  These scientifically formulated products are not only effective but they are affordable!  You can even use prior to exercise for added benefit!   What are you waiting for?  Pick up a kit today!

Work on all of your trouble spots every day with our Comprehensive Take Home Biosimming Kit!

Bioslimming Take Home Kit Naperville

The Bioslimming Take home kit can be used in conjuction with the in spa wraps, or with any of our outher body contouring treatments! The kit can also be used as a stand alone treatment if you can't make it in to the LIPO Spa for body treatments!  The Bisolimming Formulas are the most effective body contoring products on the market! Read More About The Bioslimming Formulas.

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